Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been A While

It's not that I can't manage having two's that I haven't been knitting or crocheting since January. Just in the last few days have I picked up my needles again.

I think I put so much pressure on myself at Christmas time, that I just needed a break. I took a much longer break than anticipated, though. I have four started projects that I have yet to finish. I started those in January. I have one baby sweater I'm working on now....the woman had her baby in December. Yes, I'm making the 12-18 month size instead of the 3-6 months. I would like the little guy to be able to wear this sweater once or twice....

I just don't know how to balance. I love knitting, and I love crocheting - I love these crafts that require my attention, develop skill, and challenge me. I love making something useful and pretty to look at. However, the rest of my life seems to suffer from neglect when I have these needles in hand.

This morning I loaded the dishwasher and started a load of laundry. A load. One. Does that even count as housework when I easily have four or five loads of laundry left to wash yet? And there are dishes stacked up that need to be handwashed, because they're not dishwasher safe? My floors need mopped, my bathroom needs a pick-me-up, but by golly I want to finish this sweater by Monday!

I don't know how you people balance life and knitting. I'm consumed by it and it prevents me from doing other things. I tried to set up a "reward" system by telling myself, "Okay, I can't knit until X, Y, and Z is finished." Then I would say, "But before I do x, y, or z, I'll just knit a couple of rounds....."

I need to sheets need to be changed on my bed. But I'm almost finished with this sleeve.....

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